Two Side Printed Circuit

Many circuit designs require two conductor layers. In this example we demonstrate how to create a two layer printed circuit by printing Ag1 conductive ink on two sides of premium paper.

LilyPad Arduino Circuit

Consider a simple two layer circuit design such as the LilyPad Arduino board.

Front Side

Print the top conductor layer on the first side of the paper.

Front Side Print Preferences

Select printer preferences for front side.

Print Front Side

Print at least two passes for the front side conductor.

Back Side

Print the bottom conductor layer on the back side of the paper.

Back Side Print Preferences

For proper alignment choose Mirror Print mode. This will flip the image left-to-right such that the top and bottom layer align per the design.

Print Back Side

Remember to load the paper with the front side up into the paper tray so that the bottom layer prints on the backside of the paper. Print at least two passes for the backside conductor.

Complete Two Layer Circuit

By holding the finished two layer printed sheet in front of a light source, check the alignment of the top and bottom layers.