Nano Silver Marker Ag1


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Electrically conductive silver ink marker for simple circuit drawing.

  • Premium 4.5mm diameter tip.
  • Internal ink flow control valve.

Press tip inwards to start ink flow. Release once tip is wet and saturated.
Replace cap when finished using marker. Store in cool dry location.

Contains same fast dry Ag1 nano silver ink that is used in our cartridges.
Must use special coated paper or other smooth porous substrates.

Marker comes with 10 sheets of 4x6in premium paper to get started.


  • Avoid skin and eye contact and ingestion.
  • Use protective gloves and eye wear while handling.

Clean Up:

  • Ink particles have a staining effect, so use in suitable work area.
  • For spills, it is best to first wipe with dry disposable towels.
  • Dry stain can be removed from some surfaces with water or isopropyl alcohol.