MFC-J690DW LC3011Ag1 Starter Kit


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Printer Kit for New Cartridges LC3011 and LC3013.

Kit include everything to get started printing with the LC3011Ag1 electrically conductive silver inkjet cartridge.

  • MFC-J690DW desktop inkjet printer, USB or WiFi, NFC, tray or rear feed
  • Preloaded LC3011Ag1 starter ink cartridge, replaces yellow cartridge
  • – Optionally add LC3011Ag1 to replace magenta, cyan, and black for higher conductivity per pass
  • 20 sheets of premium 8.5×11 inch paper substrate

The kit with preloaded starter ink cartridge has the advantage of not requiring flush of ink in existing printer. Simply load the start cartridges and setup printer. Once properly setup the printer is ready to print the conductive ink.

The LC3011Ag1 starter cartridge should be installed in place of the yellow cartridge. Print artwork as solid yellow. Printing other colors (cyan, magenta, or black) with or on top of the silver can interfere with the electrical conductivity.

For best results print on the supplied premium paper substrate. At least two passes of the conductive ink are recommend for consistent resistance.

The MFC-J690DW printer can feed from either the tray or rear. For best alignment of multiple passes use the tray.