• Install ink cartridge
    • Ag1 ink cartridge is typically installed in the yellow position.
    • If printer is initially charged with colored ink, the residual ink in the printer will need to be flushed. Print a large rectangular pattern on to plain paper. Continue printing to multiple sheets until the color changes from yellow to a dark golden brown.


  • Load Paper
    • First put one sheet of plain paper into empty tray. This helps for easier pickup of thicker photo paper. It also will help reduce scratches when printing multiple passes.
    • Load at least two sheets photo paper face down.
    • Occasionally the printer will fail to pick up last sheet in the tray.
    • Also the printer sometimes grabs two sheets.


  • Set Printer Preferences:
    • Media Type: Inkjet or Other Photo Paper. Selecting Inkjet paper typically yields twice the conductivity per pass as selecting Other Photo Paper.
    • Print Quality: Photo or Best. This property typically does not effect conductivity, when printing in color.
    • Color Mode: Natural or Vivid. This property typically does not effect conductivity.


  • Multiple Print Passes
    • Typically the first pass has defects in the pattern. At least two passes are recommended for more consistent results.
    • Alignment is quite good if the sheet is carefully place into the tray.
    • Conductivity increases linearly with number of passes.


  • Resting time
    • The conductivity slower increases for a few minutes after printing.
    • For most consistent measurements wait a few minutes after printing for the curing to finish.


  • Humidity
    • Conductivity is affected by humidity.
    • Greater than 20% relative humidity is recommended.